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so.....I thought I'd give a little update in this weekly thanks to tell you guys what's going on. Exactly one week from now I will be moving back into my dorm and the 24th classes start...buuuuh. I can't wait to get out of college! But yeah, so my deviations will definitely slow down in the upcoming weeks unless a kpop group/artist comes out w/ a new mv or something lol but even then I can't guarantee I'll be able to work on anything. Also, if you ask me to do a wallpaper, icon, banner, or w/e it is you want, you will have to give me time if it is after this week, because I have things I have to do ^.^ also, below is a form for you to fill out if you would like a commission...they are free!

Commission Form:


Name of the person or thing you want:

Photo's you would like me to use in particular if there are any (add link please or I can find some myself if you don't provide some):

Other specifics (ex. name of the person you choose on it, lyrics, textures, brushes...etc. add link if necessary):

Have an idea of what you'd like that you've seen before? Add link here:

Other comments:

If there's a specific hairstyle the person has or from a specific mv or photoshoot you want but you don't care what photo I use, tell me in the "Photo's" specific please!

I will not do a wallpaper exactly like someone else has made, but it gives me a better idea of what you're thinking before I actually make it. If I cannot use something you have provided (like a photo) because I just couldn't get it to work, I will contact you and ask you to select another one (although I shouldn't have a problem w/ most). Please remember that I use GIMP now and so I will not be able to use Photoshop brushes, so please do not send a link to Photoshop brushes if you choose for me to use particular brushes.

When finding photos you want me to use in particular, try and follow these tips (you don't have to, but it makes it easier and cleaner to make):

(1.) Just one side of the body is against the edge or not against a side at all.

(2.) The bigger...the better.

(3.) Sharp images.

(4.) No watermark on the subject themselves.

I usually use these guidelines to help me find a photo(s) I want to use. It helps me narrow down my choices so I don't have so many to choose from lol. Now, remember, if you are not peculiar in what photos I use then I can find photos to use so you don't have to worry about finding some.
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Submitted on
August 15, 2011